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MBL,"A NAME OF TRUST"(Established 1982) in Mauritius was founded by an experienced and service oriented Mauritian entrepreneur, Mr Mukesh Balgobin, a humble but yet very famous businessman in Africa. He is known for his "business flair" securing major international deals and distributorship over the years while always speaking to the right people.

Over the past three decades, MBL have consolidated its position as a well-established manufacturer/importer/distributor/exporter of Food/Beverage/Cosmetic products on the local and international market while also being very active in the Automobile, Estates and Consultancy business.

Currently our main customers are from Middle East/Africa where we supply them a variety of food and beverage products including Branded liquor products such as Johnnie Walker Red Label/ Dewars/Famous Grouse/Chivas/Grants and the increasingly popular Mauritius rum/cane liquor.

MBL, built a solid reputation for the past 30 years in the Indian Ocean as leading traders of these items and currently supplying to international hypermarkets such as Pick N Pay, Shoprite, Spar, Jumbo, Carrefour group and many other distributors/importers in the MENA region and also the leading representatives of International Suppliers such as Whyte and Mackay, UB group, Shakti Bhog, Tilda,Glen Catherine Bonded Warehouse, Oriental Foods sdn bhd, Continental Biscuits and more famous players.

Mission Statement

We, at MBL Global, believe in providing "the right products/services at the right time to the right people" in the ever changing corporate environment. Business houses can't even compete on knowledge today as even knowledge becomes perishable. We make sure that we partner with the right stakeholders worldwide to bring you an ultimate satisfaction blended with young, dynamic, innovative and funky talent. MBL Global- "A Global Corporation for a Much Better Life"

Retail Division- Much Better Life

MBL, is also very known in Mauritius through its retail segment with its "Much Better Life Express Shops" -(A first in Mauritius)- where considerable investments have been made to provide a quick, efficient, funky service blended with our unique concept of selling our selected imported products directly to the Mauritian population. We retail more than 300-400 items in our shops and currently our Flagship store is situated at the Front Entrance of Mauritius' largest shopping Mall, Bagatelle.

Much Better Life is situated at 3 locations (Port-Louis-City centre, Plaine Lauzun and Bagatelle) for now and aim to open 6 more shops by end 2013.

Distribution Division

MBL has been a traditional leading distributor of food, beverage and cosmetics items in Mauritius for 30 years.

  • We have a very well structured department catering to the supermarkets/hypermarkets/retail outlets with an impressive fleet of vehicles covering the whole country.
  • We specialize in the wholesale trade of Liquor products, food and beverage.
  • During our initial years of operations, we concentrated in brand building and made considerable efforts to promote more new products in the local market of Mauritius which are today leading household names; reason why whenever a supplier thinks of Mauritius, we automatically become a Preferred partner.

Manufacturing division

With our flair for continuous product improvement and quality that is inline with our international ISO 9001 standard, we established a state of the art manufacturing facility in Port-Louis, capital city of Mauritius, for liquor products with a view to capture the Mauritius market, African markets as well as GCC markets in the year 1998.

Over the past decade of our operations in Mauritius, we were successful in creating wide demand for our products in the Gulf & African Region, Asian and Indian Ocean region. Some of our products are Scotch whiskies (Visit our showroom) which are bottled in Maurtius for re-export to Africa to cut the cost of the finished product.

We are hereby known as the "Licensed and Authorised" bottlers from Scotland distilleries to conduct this increasingly popular trade within the Scotch whisky industry. Our unit also produces " the famous Mauritius rum and cane liquor" which are available for export under our own labels and buyers private label where we hold an extensive list of customers around the world who already understood our concept of bottling their products through our distillery in Mauritius to then benefit from a cut in price while being assured of an international standard quality.

Automobile Division

MBL through "Balgobin Automobile" recently got the territory rights to sell "NAZA" cars in Mauritius. It is a famous Malaysian Car manufacturer. Balgobin Automobile is in the process of investing into a dedicated showroom to sell the NAZA cars as well as introducing a unique concept of retail shopping experience while customers can have a look at exotic cars such as "Ferrari" , "Lamborghini", 'Aston Martin" with the project called "MBL Futuristic 2014"

Estates Division

Balgobin Estates, is a dynamic player on the local scenario being the property owners of many key buildings in the capital of Mauritius, Port-Louis, Plaine-Wilhems area and in the northern part of the island which has been catered for Villa/Bungalow developments. Balgobin Estates also catered to international Estates firms in advising at strategic local areas or helped to buy plots of lands, apartments and more.

International Trading Division

While Mauritius is being positioned as a major transit hub in between Asia, Africa and Middle East, MBL GLOBAL, acts as an important player in the field of food, beverage, perfumes and international commodity items such as basmati rice, wheat flour sugar which are export to international clients especially from Africa, Middle East and Indian market. We market "innovative fmcgs" at "competitive prices" at international buyers who understood that buying from us make them save money as we are a very flexible company in terms of order and payment ratio. We have increased our export business turnover by more than 40% from the Gulf and African countries since the past 2 years and continuously receiving genuine inquiries and catering fmcg buyers worldwide.

Consultancy Division

MBL "A NAME OF TRUST" (Since 1982) has been established due to the numerous enquiries received on a daily basis at our headquarters to seek business with our company. This department acts as facilitators to investors, companies and multinationals willing to setup a business in Mauritius, willing to export to Mauritius, source goods locally or even willing to open an office whether i.e liason or a fully serviced one . Most of our past and present clients include Major FMCG internationals, Engineering and Pharmaceutical companies, Hotel& Estates developers, Franchises, French, Italian US citizens and other Individuals mainly from India who includes famous businessmen, actors, politicians and more.

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